What are Small Groups?

There is a new opportunity coming for you to consider and we are so excited to have you join us! While we truly hope you will join us in bringing glory to our God through this ministry, we know that you may have questions.

This is a big deal for us in living obedient, encouraging lives for Christ and we do not want to miss any of you. We love His church and we love you. This ministry will allow us to get to know each other at a new and important level. The meeting places will be “safe zones” where many important conversations will take place. None of us should feel alone with needs or concerns and through the power of prayer and encouragement; we will discover the importance of our Bethel Church community.  


  • Certain members have offered to share their homes for this ministry.
  • We love our young families, and encourage you to bring your children where others will assist with supervision. Remember, KIDS ARE WELCOME!
  • If meeting in early evening, light suppers will be served.

What will small group meetings be?

  • Social times to deepen our understanding of each other
  • Study time focused on the past weeks message from Pastor Joel. Materials will be supplied.
  • Prayer time where we will connect our praise, concerns and perhaps even confessions to God. This may take relational time to deepen our appreciation of each other, but in time this may be the most important aspect of the get-together.
  • We are expecting the groups to be multi-generational……meaning all ages mixed to learn from each other.